Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions are answered here.

1. Am I sure to get rooms when I book with Ezstay?

Yes, we guarantee for all available rooms in our website. Ezstay connects directly with hotels so that rooms are surely ready for your successful booking.

2. Is it secure to pay online in Ezstay website?

Yes, Ezstay works with local and international banks, and payment service providers. We also protect our website with highly secure protection. You can pay online in Ezstay website securely.

3. There is no room available in my favorite hotel. What can I do?

Hotel rooms may be fully booked. However, we can help you double-check with hotel. Please call our customer service number - +95 09 7878 80484.

4. I cannot find my favorite hotel in Ezstay website. What can I do?

There are 1,800 hotels in Myanmar. Ezstay is still trying to onboard those hotels. Even though some hotels are not listed in Ezstay, they still can be booked with Ezstay. Please call our customer service number - +95 09 7878 80484. We will do the best for you.

5. I made a booking with Ezstay but the trip is cancelled. Can I cancel the booking?

We suggest to think carefully before you make a booking with "Pay At Hotel" and not to cancel it easily. Hotel might have loss if you made booking and cancelled it. However, if you must do it, please call our customer service number - +95 09 7878 80484. Cancellation policy will be made according to the hotel.

6. What is different between booking directly to hotel and booking with Ezstay?

Price is usually the same. However, it could be cheaper as we have promotion frequently. You can check hotels and their feedback before making booking with Ezstay. We try our best to help our customers and to give quality service. You can check our valued customer feedbacks at - Customer Reviews

7. Can I also buy bus ticket or flight ticket with Ezstay?

Currently, we only have hotel booking service in our website. However, we are trying to make our services available in our website. If you need other services, please call our customer service number - +95 09 7878 80484.

8. Where can I read about the destination before I travel?

We have blog about destinations for our customers' convenience. You can read it at -